Hotel pool
free for Guests

Especially for our hotel Guests in the morning and in the evening we provide free use of the hotel swimming pool.

After a hard day's work or intensive sightseeing it will be a great solution for spending free time.

Professional service and the care of a lifeguard will ensure the safety of each Guest.


Monday - Friday: 6: 30-9: 00 and 20: 00-22: 30
Saturday - Sunday: 18:00-22: 30

During Polish National holidays and a church holidays swimming pool may by closed (or opening hours can be change).
The service may be not able also in a short period of time before and after this holidays (or opening hours can be change).

Dear guests, our swimming pool is completely free of charge therefore all compensation or cancellations due to restrictions on access to this service (in the above cases) will be rejected.

Please be informed that the hotel doesn't take responsibility in case of unread published information about restrictions on access to the swimming pool.

+48 784 474 817

swimming pool reception
  Weiser Hotel