a city to meet in

Full of monuments, unique architecture, vibrant with day and night life, this is exactly what the European Capital of Culture 2016 is.

Market Square - the heart of Wrocław, almost 800 years old. The fountain standing here is one of the symbols of Wrocław. 

The Town Hall – have been built for almost three centuries. It is characterized by a rich decoration, aimed at emphasizing the power of the city. The eastern façade is still a landmark of Wrocław.

The Whipping Post – nowadays it is a place that is constantly vibrant with life. Nearby there are many cafes, pubs, restaurants and exhibitions. At present, few people know that criminals were once punished here...

Dwarves - inhabited in Wrocław in the early 1980s thanks to the Pomarańczowa Alternatywa movement. Today, while walking, you have to watch out for some of them, living directly on Wrocław's sidewalks. Some also live on lanterns, look out of windows or look out of cellars. Check the list of dwarves.

We invite you to an amazing tour of Wrocław,
where there is always too little time to see everything....

  • Ostrów Tumski
  • The Quarter of four religions
  • Ossolineum of the University of Wrocław

are one of many places near the Market Square, enjoying the eye of hundreds of tourists visiting Wrocław every day.

"is not only about the Market Square"

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